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This game is a a basketball quiz game testing the player's knowledge of Basketball players, teams, and the sport itself. The player wins by answering 10 questions correctly; if the player answers 3 questions incorrectly, then he/she loses and is returned to selecting mode of play. After answering 3 questions correctly, the player is awarded a '50/50' power up, which allows the player to remove 2/4 options from the current question.  After answering 3 more questions correct - 6 in total - the player is awarded a 'Skip', which allows the player to automatically return the correct answer and proceed to the next question. There is also a 'shot clock', which is a timer that forces the player to answer questions more quickly and enhances the feel of the game.

Currently, only the single player mode is functional, but down the line a multiplayer version will be implemented.

The core mechanic of answering questions matches both the audio and visual elements. Text is highlighted when hovered over, and audio components cue the player when objects are clicked. Similarly, when actions are done, such as using power ups, or answering correctly/incorrectly, audio and visual animations prompt responses.

Lastly, a running basketball theme is present throughout the game. The audio and visual elements pertain to the theme of basketball, with sounds like scoring, shot clock violation, and dribbling. Also, a crowd responds either positively or negatively when the player wins or loses, respectively.


Self Evaluation

The current version of the game is a more dynamic and unique version compared to the previous iteration. This makes the game more enjoyable and sets it apart from other quiz games. The audio and visual elements clearly define the theme of basketball throughout the game. Also, the shot clock makes the game more exciting and challenging, which adds a necessary dimension to the otherwise trivial game.

I worked to address the critiques of the previous iteration. The game is now unique and not so bland. The audio/visual elements, combined with the need to act quickly make the game enjoyable for both myself and others who test the game.

There is room for improvement, which I am looking forward to working through in the coming weeks. That being said, I do believe the audio visual components accomplished their task of defining the game as a unique entity.


Mac Standalone 20 MB
Project Folder 666 MB