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This game is a a 3-category quiz game testing the player's knowledge of Basketball, Math, and Video Games. The player wins the current level by answering 10 questions correct; if the player answers 3 questions incorrectly, then he/she loses the level and is returned to selecting a category. After answering 3 questions correct, the player is awarded a '50/50' power up, which allows the player to remove 2/4 options from the current question. After answering 2 more questions correct - 5 in total - the player is awarded a 'Skip', which allows the player to automatically return the correct answer and proceed to the next question.

 The core mechanic is up and running and the player is able to navigate the game. Currently, the UI is minimalist, as the focus is on the gameplay rather than aesthetics. There are a total of 30 questions, divided into 3 categories. The questions and answers are randomly generated to add a bit of dimensionality to the game. 

It may be fair to say that the incentive to 'win' is lessened by the current player experience. The lacking UI and general robustness of the game makes it rather one-dimensional. Future iterations will expand upon the aesthetics, add audio/visual components, and expand the player's ability to interact with the game.


Self Evaluation

The current version of the game accomplishes its goal of quizzing the player and providing feedback. It offers some value in terms of user experience with elements of power-ups as the quiz progresses, as well as multiple categories. The game is rather one-dimensional and lacks an innovative component.

In its current state, the game is not unique on its own. It serves its purpose well and has room for improvement. As my first game, I am proud to display it and have others play it. That, in and of itself, tells me the merit of the game. That being said, it is a personal feeling. Objectively, the game does not offer a great experience and lacks in some regards.

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Published 25 days ago
PlatformsmacOS, HTML5


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